You spent your hard-earned money to look fabulous so let us help you make it last. First and foremost, have the mindset to want to take care of your precious fashion jewellery form us, otherwise the following 1-7 won’t matter :)

7 ways to look after your costume accessories:

1. One of the best tips in learning how to keep costume fashion jewelry looking its best is to keep your stuff clean. Exposing them to lotion, perfume, oil, water or any harsh chemicals is a recipe for destruction. Be sure to always take off your jewelry before you apply lotion or perfume or expose it to any water.

2. Display your costume fashion jewelry on earring holders, necklace stands, bracelet and watch displays to avoid messy tangles that can harm the jewelry. Display stands are also great for showing off your jewelry so you get to enjoy it more. The best way to prevent tarnishing, chipping, tangling and damage is by storing your fashion jewelry in a soft pouch or clean paper box.

3. Tassels are our favorite design elements. Store them hanging to avoid tangling and threads bending. Due to the natural palm material of raffia, bending and fraying may occur. Avoid getting wet. When traveling, a quick DIY jewelry care trick is to wrap them tightly in soft paper to avoid the tassels tangling or crumpling. Just unwrap and your earrings will look brand new!

4. Avoid the acid from hairsprays and alcohol of perfumes so put yours on after you have sprayed hair spray and perfumes.

5. Many components used in costume jewelry can be sun affected such as  beads and sequins etc, so keep them out of the sun.

6. Avoid letting your costume fashion jewelry coming into contact with soap, face creams, or moisturizers. If they do rinse clean and pat dry. Make sure they’re fully dry before putting it away.

7. Clean your jewelry gently with cotton buds or a soft toothbrush with a little distilled water and leave it dried.